Words That Rock Your Soul.

Combo Book 1 &2
The poetry can be used in worship, private study or contemplative prayer.
They can also be used in drama and much more.
Many of the poems are done in a parable style that when read opens up the heart.
Holy Bible stories,life of Jesus and heart of God are shown in an
understandable and heart reaching style.
Communicates not only in words but original artworks that will bring
the words to life.
Ideal for a person with christian faith but is loved by people with or without
any faith at all.
A life enhancing, personal developement work.
You will meet people that you have met or would like to.
People you should be wary of. You will also meet God the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit. the disciples and biblical characters.
Suitable for teens up wards. Christian outreach and so much more.
Situations, emotions, pains and joys that all humanity experiences.
You will also experience what ‘God Almighty’ experiences.
Remember we are made in His image.
Book includes study guides and Bible verses to enhance your reading
Illustrated with amazing artwork by Susan Hill

SUBJECTS range from,jealousy,to pain,pride to sorrow and hurt emotions.
Reliance on riches to self pride.
TRAVEL from eternity to the distant future as the plan of salvation written
in parable/poetic style.
Easy read English with a depth in the word nuances and placements that
thrill and opens up the truth.
Biblical events come to life in a very human but deep
spirituality without being sugary.


1 & 2