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  • Visit To TATE Modern

    I hope to go to the Tate Modern tomorrow on a visit to London. I went many years ago and went into the area that had the HUGE half sun that reflected back as a whole sun. Many people were laying on the flor gazing up to it. I just got dizzy and watched from above. It shows how many viewpoints you can have of the same thing. \life is LIKE THAT TOO





    I think we all think that and even shout it inside.

    Lots of tasks to do and lots of needs

    The trouble is wants and needs for out r time does get skewed. Prhaps today look at your wekly/dily calndar and rethink your priorities.

    I WILL need to today



  • Mistakes and Dead Ends!"

    As you can see. I am tentatively entering the BLOG world.

    This is very similar to how we nervously enter different experiences in life. Everything is new so we get a buzz. Later the buzz is not even a HUM!

    I have been trying to find out how to do E BOOKS and it is a minefields. What version to use, What are the technical problems etc. Also you use a new sytem them half way down the line find that you have been doing something wrong and have to relearn and redo or even scrap the work.

    Apply this to our spiritual,emotional and physical journey. We can get so informed and so certain but end up in a real mess. This remind me of the bible verse about "itching ears" this is a synf drom VERY RELEVANT to today.

    Things change and we can be wrong.

    BUT take heart God loves you en ven when you go up a "DEAD END"

    Cheeers alll. i hope you like this blog!



  • Hello World!!

    Hi world.

    Well my world sometimes feels very chaotic but it also has a great peace about it.

    I have many talents and now of an age I should be wearing purple!

    I nearly bought a purple coat the other day but chickened out.

    If you have viewed my web site you will see I am an artist and writer. That is not all of my attributes.

    I love God of the Holy Bible, and hope to be living in His Way.

    I sometimes fail but He has given me a sense of humour that has rescued me many times.

    I hope to add to this blog items of art struggles and triumphs.

    Writings or musings that has crossed my path.

    Photographs,art events an my recent art! my creative struggles and spiritual adventures.

    In all of that thre is family joys and sorrows.

    Human life and friendships. and a cornucopia of the life that is experienced by many of us,.

    Links and interesting web sites.

    Sometimes even something to lighten your day.

    Something for you to think about today.

    Also the ins and outs of normal life.

    Mind you my life has never been normal.

    This is my first attempt at a blog so I do hope that you will read this.

    Here is a musing for today!

    I have been watching revelation tv and the story of Ruth and Naomi was being talked about. Have you read the story about restoration and returning! The place of hurt and pain can be turned into a place of healing and blessing.

    If you dont have a bible there are sites on the web were you can read sections.

    I hope to add links to my fave sites. Some serious some arty and some just fun!

    Hope to hear from you soon



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