I was born in Banstead in Surrey in a public house called 'The Wheatsheaf'. My mother and father were the licensees there and the 'pub' was a home to them all including my brother and sister.

I went to local schools in the area but left with no official qualifications, but a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm.I had a passion for learning and writing stories and I hope to always be able to do so. I always had a leaning towards art but I was never encouraged.

In the early 80's I attended 'SCOLA' Sutton School of Liberal Arts studying techniques of watercolour painting.

I developed my own unique style and techniques in painting.

When the course was completed I became a founder member of 'The Sutton Watercolourists'. This group meets as a co-operative group. The group has an exhibition at least once a year in the local area.

While this was going on I was writing inspired poetry, putting it away in a drawer never thinking that there would be any future in it. I was constantly being supported and encouraged to keep writing by my pastor and friends.

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